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Exclusive from ‘Mamarazzis’: «Shakira has caught Piqué with another»➡@Laura__Fa and @lorena_vazquez reveal all the details of the sentimental crisis that the Barça player and the singer are going through https://t.co/QT0vi2qFW4- El Periódico (@elperiodico) June 1, 2022

Another clue about this alleged breakup would be the lyrics of «Te Felicito», the single released by Shakira with Rauw Alejandro last April. It is a repertoire of reproaches, although that no one interpreted as a dart to the father of her children.

«For completing you I broke into pieces; they warned me, but I did not pay attention; I realized that yours is false; it was the straw that broke the camel’s back; don’t tell me you’re sorry, that seems sincere, but I know you well and I know you’re lying», says the lyrics of the song.


The truth is that I have my doubts here. At first I thought that it was an error and that we would have to choose to write faster than light travel. However, then I thought of two possibilities that perhaps (and I mean perhaps) justify the appearance of that fast:

(a) Adjective. On the one hand, we could think that fast was not an adverb, but an adjective. In that case, the author of the sentence would have given it the syntactic function of a predicative complement. It would be a similar construction, to give an example, to Laura viajó cansada.

b) Adverb. Let us suppose that the author’s intention is that rápida, effectively, functions as an adverb. At first we would think that it is a badly formed term and that the author has made a mistake. In fact, it seems most likely. But, if we want to get complicated, what if the author used rápida as an adverb omitting the suffix -mente? We would be looking at a construction similar to those of adverbs of manner in sequence (John did it quickly and simply)… but without including the adverb that ends the sequence, which is quite confusing.

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The Court of Appeals of Santiago rejected the appeals filed by Minera Escondida Limitada against the resolutions issued by the Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco), which sanctioned it for not timely reporting mineral export contracts through the platform called «Mining Exports System» (SEM).

A.- There is no such retroactive application of the sanctioning rule. This is because the sanction was imposed on the claimant in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 14 of D.L. No. 1,349/76, a provision that was introduced by Law No. 20,780 (D.O. of September 29, 2014), which makes clear the power of the Chilean Copper Commission to sanction the non-entry or untimely or incomplete entry of the essential terms of the aforementioned contracts.

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Oh my God, the thing is to complain…. We have said a thousand times that Benzema brings things that other strikers do not bring, but the failure is that Ozil left and since he left Madrid has not been the same, and always fall to the same criticism and I honestly do not think that Madrid plays worse for Benzema, as the teams are 11 players…

If the problem of Benzema is not that he does not run, it is that he lacks a lot of depth, he plays without looking at the goal, either because he is so, or because the coach tells him to do so, but he is more dedicated to the combination game than to test the goalkeeper.

#18What should worry the white fans is that the midfielders are not the ones who run the most of the team, as always you blame the one who is least to blame for your team not playing at all. And I read many comments from people who know nothing about soccer because the kilometers that a player runs in a match are a fundamental data of his performance, in fact you complain that Karim misses many goals, but that means that he has more chances than anyone else and that he looks for them. he misses because he shoots? against elche 1 shot on goal in 90 minutes, nobody can say that he does not try, oh wait!